Affordable & Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

This year has been quite the whirlwind. COVID-19 has taken such a strong presence in our everyday lives – leaving many of us feeling out of place, overly stressed and anxious.

It’s hard to manage these feelings when fear is constantly looming over our heads. Which is why it’s important to ensure we’re taking time to care for ourselves– even if only for a few minutes.

Self-care is important to practice in our everyday lives as it helps reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and even depression.

It can be hard to find the time or even the money to participate in some common self-care activities.

So, I’ve gathered a few simple low/no cost self-care activities you can practice when feeling overwhelmed.

These activities can be done in a short amount of time or you can turn it into a longer activity if it’s something you enjoy.


self-care activities - breathe

It sounds silly but taking time to focus on your breathing helps produce endorphins in your brain – which will give you a sense of calm and comfort. It allows you to feel fully relaxed.

Follow this exercise and focus on matching your breathing to the shape as it expands and retracts.

Go for a walk

self-care activities - walk

It could be just around the block or it could be longer – just walk without any goal in mind.

This can help clear your mind, and gives you some time and space to just be alone with yourself.

Go to the library and find a book to read

self-care activities - read

You can choose whatever you want to read. It doesn’t have to be a self-help book – choose something that peaks your interest!

Once you have a book picked, make some time for yourself to read, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. Reading allows your mind to relax and focus on other things.

If reading isn’t your thing – try listening to a podcast. There’s tons available for free on Spotify, Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.

Try rearranging a space in your home

self-care activities - rearrange

Sometimes it’s helpful to rearrange and organize a space that you often occupy. Moving your things around will make it feel somewhat new!

Having something new (or something that feels like new) can bring about feelings of excitement. 🤩

Take time to observe the night sky

self-care activities - night sky

I don’t know about you – but I always find it so calming to just lay down and look at the stars in the sky. ✨

It reminds us that although things in our life may feel big and overwhelming at the time, they will eventually become small.

Color or Doodle

self-care activities - color

We often think of coloring as an activity for young children but it actually has shown to be calming and therapeutic at any age! If you don’t have a coloring book you can also just draw or doodle – it works just as well.

Whether you decide to practice one of the activities mentioned above or create your own self-care routine – it’s important to take time for yourself. Whatever shape or form, find something that helps you to decompress, destress and relax.

Is there something you already do to practice self-care that wasn’t mentioned in this list? Feel free to share with others! Your routine just might be what someone else is struggling to find.

Remember that this too shall pass and be kind to yourself always.


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