Learning in the Kitchen

Now that our province is slowly re-opening, parents may be feeling the time crunch between preparing meals. Often times it’s easier and faster to cook meals without extra little helping hands but cooking together with your children is a fantastic learning and bonding experience for both of you!

In the kitchen children learn many things including the exploration of cultural dishes, counting, hand-eye coordination and new words to add to their ever-growing vocabulary.

Here are two ways we can simplify the cooking process with our little ones! First is a Bean Burrito recipe you can make together and next is the “What’s On My Plate” activity (just talking about food makes me hungry). 😋

Bean Burrito Recipe

What’s on my Plate Activity

Both these tip sheets are from Decoda.ca. Decoda is a wonderful web resource stocked full of family friendly activities – be sure to check it out! 😊

PRO TIP: An easy goal is to set aside one meal a week you plan to cook with your child’s help and assistance. Get them involved in the process right from the beginning: ask them what they’d like to eat, make a grocery list together and challenge them to try a new food each time.

I have found that picky eaters deny certain ingredients because they are new or unknown, so if you try to introduce it during the preparation stage, they will have the power of knowing what to expect.

Have fun in the kitchen!

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