Building a Bird Feeder with Repurposed Items

Hey everyone! The weather is changing and most (if not all) of the leaves have fallen – but the birds are still hungry! To help our little birdie friends out – let’s make a repurposed item bird feeder. This is a fun and simple ten-step craft that can be done indoors on a chilly day. 😊

Thing’s you’ll need:

  • An empty milk carton
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • One twig
  • Glue
  • String
  • Bird Seed
  • Paint, stickers, markers – anything you want to decorate with!

build a bird feeder - supplies

Step one

Thoroughly wash out your empty milk carton with some warm soapy water.

build a bird feeder - step one

Step two

Use a marker to draw out a door on one side of the carton. This will allow the birds to get access to the seed.

Be sure to leave about three inches between the bottom of the carton and the bottom of the door.

build a bird feeder - step two

Step three

Carefully cut out the door.

build a bird feeder - step three

Step four

Cut a small hole on two sides of the milk carton for the string to go through and one underneath the door opening for the twig/bird perch.

build a bird feeder - step four

Step five

Put the twig into the hole underneath the door, secure with glue (liquid or a hot glue gun works best). Birds will use this perch to stand on and get their seed!

build a bird feeder - step five

Step six

Decorate your carton with as many colorful items as you’d like! You could even try giving it a spooky theme for Halloween.

build a bird feeder - step six

Step seven

Thread the string through the holes at the top. Make sure to leave it long enough so you can hang it off a branch of your liking.

build a bird feeder - step seven

Step eight

Fill the carton with bird seed – just full enough so the level of seed is at the bottom of the door.

build a bird feeder - step eight

Step nine

Hang the bird feeder carton in a place you can see from inside your house.

This way on cold fall and winter days you can watch the birds from inside your warm home! Maybe even with a cup of delicious hot chocolate. 😉

build a bird feeder - step nine

Step ten

Enjoy watching your neighborhood birds eat their seed!

build a bird feeder - step ten

Parents Corner

Crafting with you kids is a great way for your little ones to build self-confidence. Children take pride in their skills when they are given a chance to create an object from start to finish.

Also, while crafting kids are getting to try new things and work on their self regulation skills. For example, learning to wait for glue to dry and waiting for an adult to help with using scissors.

Stay healthy, safe and connected.


Young Parent Program Coordinator

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