Think of the youth in your life.

Do you wish you connected more on a daily basis?

Do you desire more intentional conversation or even a simple snap shot into their life?

There is no denying that adolescent and teen years hold a transition toward independence and an emphasis on social life over family time. Many changes happen in those crucial years of puberty and development.

Despite these changes, there is still a desire from many caregivers and adults to maintain connection. If you’re reading this, you’re likely wondering how can achieve this.

According to research, a strong connection to an adult or caregiver during adolescents has positive implications in all areas of their life, such as better coping strategies and an easier time transitioning to high school. Logically, it also lays the foundation to a stronger, healthier relationship with them in their adult years.

If your desire is to foster more connection through conversation, try these simple questions:

You may be met initially (or consistently) with a limited response or rejection, but it is crucial for the caregiver or adult to continually initiate connection. Even if they don’t connect with you in that moment, the message you’re giving is that you are there and you care. You are trying.

If these questions don’t spark interest, take a moment to search online for lists of other conversation engaging questions to try and see what fits.

If you’re needing to go beyond simple conversation and have an open conversation about important topics, such as mental health and bullying, Kids Help Phone has created a resource with tips for engaging these conversations (


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