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It’s officially Spring time here in Regina! Upon my daily walks I’ve noticed that most of our snow is gone (at least up until last night!), there is some greenery coming back to life and there is plenty of sidewalk art.

What a perfect opportunity to begin talking about the seasons in your home, with some fun and simple activities! Below are links that will take you to our website where you can access the printable worksheets. These activities were found on, visit the website if you’re interested in more. They have tips and work sheets that span over many grades and subjects!

Colouring Page – Spring Flowers

Flower Crown

Count & Colour Flowers

The grade level of these activities ranges from Pre-School to Grade One. Feel free to print them out and begin talking about all things Spring: flowers, bees, gardens and the return of many hibernating animals!

The work sheets focus on counting, colours, fine motor skills & following step-by-step directions.

PRO TIP: Set the stage for learning by doing the following:

  • Allow your child to work through activities at their own pace and be present with them as they work away.
  • Be near in case your child has questions or wants you to share in their joy.
  • Limit distractions (cell phones, television, tablets, etc.).
  • Provide the tools necessary to complete the project (scissors, glue, tape, crayons, etc.).

Take Care Everyone!

Here is some helpful information on how play is important in your child’s learning journey! This material is from the Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program and includes some fun & easy activities.

Nobody’s Perfect was developed in the early 1980s by Health Canada and the Departments of Health in the four Atlantic Provinces. Nobody’s Perfect runs nationally and is delivered in communities across Canada with funding from the provincial/territorial governments and non-profit organizations.

CFS Regina runs this program twice a year for parents and caregivers in our community. Stay tuned on our social media pages and website for upcoming dates!

Stay Happy & Healthy Everyone!

Parents often find themselves thinking, “Is my child getting too much screen time?” or “What is an appropriate amount of screen time?”. Did you know, that according to the Public Health Agency of Canada screen time is not recommended for children under 2 years old? also states that kids between the ages 2-5 should have no more than 1 hour of screen time a day. Shocking, I know!

Screen time can take your child’s attention away from other ways to have fun and learn. Too much screen time for children can also lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and poor habits. That being said, we are living in unique times where keeping our children off tablets, phones and away from T.V. can be difficult, so what’s a good alternative? Why not radio!

Regina’s local community radio station, 91.3 CJTR is introducing a special new programming initiative for families who are staying safe at home to isolate. The program is called “Imagine This” and provides 100% family friendly and kid-focused content from 9am – 12pm CST every weekday!

“CJTR hosts and special guests will share music, stories, reporting, art classes, math classes and loads more! Some screen-free time for everyone.”


If you don’t have a radio, 91.3 CJTR can be broadcast through their app and/or through a web browser! Here’s a link to the show information and schedule:

PRO TIP: Turning on the radio can be a substitute for screen time. Often times children learn the most when their bodies are active. Try turning the radio on and the screens off while your child plays.

Stay safe, stay healthy – We’re all in this together!

Now that school closures are in full effect I see lots of parents wondering how to keep their kids busy at home. Don’t worry, the Young Parent Program is here to share resources, activities and tips and tricks that will help you keep your little ones active and engaged.

With the weather being as unpredictable as it normally is in Saskatchewan, we may not be fully prepared or able to go outside and play, therefore I’ve found a Canadian website full of fun activities and games that will keep your kids moving! The website is called Fit Kids Healthy Kids and is supported by Doctors Manitoba.

Here is the link:! Some highlights from the site are as follows:

  • The Basic Skills Tab – explores the gross motor skills children need in order to open the door to lifelong sport and activity.
  • The Games Tab – there are multiple games that can be filtered by age rage, equipment needed or type of skill being built.
  • The Tools Tab – provides you with action cards that can be printed out and used at home!

It’s important to maintain a physical lifestyle even though some of us are in isolation. When kids are given the opportunity to run, jump, kick, dance and be silly we are allowing them to relieve stress through their bodies. Relieving stress leads to a more focused mind, better sleep and an over all increase in mental well being.

PRO TIP: If you have access to a printer, try this way of choosing activities!

  1. Go to the “Tools” tab mentioned above.
  2. Print out the “Activity Cards”.
  3. Cut them out individually.
  4. Put them in a hat/bucket and get your kids to pick out an activity randomly.
  5. Coach your children through the game and play the role of referee (if necessary).

Help your community work towards flattening the curve by staying home if possible.

Stay healthy, stay connected – We’re all in this together!

Amidst the closures caused by COVD-19 CFS Regina’s SHIFT Walk-In Counselling Program is still offering support to those needing counselling services, but in a different fashion.

We appreciate the community’s collective action to self-isolate and practice social/physical distancing in order to reduce transmission of COVD-19 and flatten the curve. Which is why we are taking a virtual approach to our Shift Walk-In as well as our general Counselling Program.

Rather than meeting clients in person one-on-one we have adapted our services so that they are available over the phone or through video. Self-isolation and social distancing can be very stressful and impact one’s mental health greatly, therefore we believe it’s important for us to continue to offer our “Walk-In” counselling even if it is now considered “Phone-In” services.

At this time counsellors are not visiting our mobile locations in Southey & Indian Head however anyone needing support can call us at 306-525-0521 to set up an appointment on any of our Walk-In dates.

Call between the hours of 9:30am to 3:00pm (Monday – Friday) to schedule a counselling session.

So, if you’re needing support and would like to attend “Walk-In” please phone in at 306-525-0521 and we will be happy to schedule you in. Thank you for understanding and playing your part to flatten the curve. Remember, we are in this together and we will get through it together!